General assessment Low Income Scheme FAQs




Q. What is the maximum income I can receive that would still enable me to qualify for full help?

A. Each claim is assessed individually based on the information contained in the HC1 claim form. There is no 'maximum' amount as it depends entirely upon the circumstances of an individual / family.

Q. My financial circumstances have not changed. Why do I need to fill in a new claim form?

A. Everyone experiences changes in their circumstances from time to time. Even if this is only the annual benefit increase or a small change in rent or council tax payment. These changes can alter the amount of help you are entitled to, therefore it is always necessary to complete a new claim form. If you have claimed any other 'income-related' benefit, you will know that you are regularly asked to provide details of your income to enable your benefit to be re-assessed.

Q. Does it make a difference when I make my HC1 claim?

A. Assessments are based on a 'snapshot' of your circumstances at the date of claim. Your claim cannot be assessed on what your circumstances are likely to be in the future.

Q. Do I need to answer all the questions the HC1?

A. The HC1 is 'sign-posted' and tells you what questions to answer next. You need to complete all parts of the form as directed.