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Lone worker guidance and policy documents

Not Alone: a guide for the better protection of lone workers in the NHS

Lone working policy template

Lone working policy template editable appendix

NHS lone worker services guidance

Lone worker services - solution overview

Lone working FAQs

Lone working framework agreement (version 3)

Terms and conditions

Ts&Cs - tri-partite (version 3)

Ts&Cs - direct-funded (version 3)

Order forms

Tri-partite order form

Direct-funded order form

Other lone worker guidance

NHS Employers has produced two leaflets on lone working, in consultation with the NHS Security Management Service and the Partnership for Occupational Safety and Health in Healthcare. The first of these is for managers of lone workers and the second for lone workers themselves.

Improving safety for lone workers - A guide for managers

Improving safety for lone workers - A guide for lone workers

For more information about the lone worker device, see http://www.relianceprotect.com/