What is Mental Health Officer (MHO) Status- FAQs

What is Mental Health Officer (MHO) status and am I entitled to it?

Q. What is an MHO?

A. MHO means a person, male or female, who:

  • Is working in an approved place used for the treatment of patients suffering from mental disorders, and
  • Is employed for a whole or almost whole of their time in the direct treatment or care of those patients

Q. What are the benefits of MHO status?

A. A MHO with at least 20 years MHO membership may:

  • Retire with benefits from age 55 provided they are still in a MHO job, and
  • Count each year of MHO membership over 20 years a 2 years for benefit purposes.

Q. Who has MHO status?

A. These special rights ony apply to scheme member who were in any of these jobs before 6 March 1995, and who:

  • Have not had a break of 5 years or more in any pensionable employment, and
  • Satisfy the special class or MHO conditions outlined above.

Special class status will not apply to anyone who started working in one of these jobs for the first time on or after 6 March 1995.

Q. How can I check if I have MHO status

A. If you fit the above criterion for MHO status, please contact your employer. They will be able to confirm if you have MHO status.