Member Guides and Associated Factsheets

 Members Guide - SD Guide

This link (above) will take you to the booklet for all members of the NHS Pension Scheme. It covers most topics including the benefits you will receive when you retire, survivor benefits, additional pension and advice if you are leaving the scheme. It replaces the following booklets: SDNG, SDK, SDAVC, SDER, SDGP, SDF and the old version of the booklet. The new booklet will answer most of your questions about the NHS Pension Scheme, including benefits, when you can retire, the arrangements for spouse and partners' pensions, and so on.

(Use this link for a Black & White Version of the Members Guide - SD Guide)

 Booklet R - Retirement Booklet for Members of the NHS Pension Scheme

This booklet is designed to give all members answers to their questions regarding their retirement and receiving their pension benefits.

Associated factsheets - Amended March 2009 (referred to in the Scheme Guide)

Membership and Contributions factsheets


Retirement Factsheets


Leaving Factsheet


Illness, Injury, insurance & Family Benefits Factsheets

 Other useful booklets and guides for members

 Transfer-In Booklet

This pack is for members wishing to transfer pensions benefits into the NHS  Pension Scheme.

The following link takes you to the Public Sector Transfer Club page on the Civil Service website and gives general information about the Club.

The following link provides a guide for members of Club Schemes

NHS Pension News 25 March 2011 - Cash Equivalent Transfer Values (CETVs) payable from the NHS Pension Scheme (NHSPS)

 Transfer Overseas - SDTO Booklet

This booklet provides information about transferring NHS Pension Scheme   benefits to a pension plan in another country. More information about transferring  your pension.

 TV74 Booklet - Pensions on Divorce

This booklet provides information for members of both NHS Pension Scheme arrangements about pensions on divorce or dissolution

 Gender Recognition Act Information and Q & A

 Information on the Gender Recognition Act

 High Earners Factsheet

From April 2011 those earning £150,000 + will have their pension contribution tax relief restricted.  This factsheet covers the main areas of pensions taxation affecting members. 

NHS General Dental Practitioners Guide

The purpose of this Guide is to provide an overview of the NHS Pension Scheme (NHSPS) rules for NHS General Dental Practitioners.