GP Practice Data (ePFIP)

Electronic Prescribing & Financial Information for Practices (ePFIP)

As part of the continual development of Information Services Portal (ISP), reports included in the Electronic Prescribing and Financial for Practices (ePFIP) system will be included in the next release of ISP which is scheduled for April 2014.

Practices have been sent a fact sheet with the monthly submission document FP34D/FP34PD sent in February 2014.  The fact sheet shows the steps you'll need to follow so you can continue to view prescribing reports currently available within ePFIP.

Once the reports have been successfully migrated to the ISP, the ePFIP system will be decommissioned. You won't be able to view reports on this system after this time.

Electronic Prescribing & Financial Information for Practices (ePFIP) (N3 access required)


If you do not have access to the N3 network, you can also access ePFIP here.

Due to the imminent release of ISP and the decommissioning of the ePFIP system we are no longer accepting any registration applications for this system. If you require urgent access to this data please email

If you would like to have access to your GP Practice Data (ePFIP) please click here

This is a service that provides you with information on your practice’s prescribing habits and costs, which enables you to compare and manage your prescribing performance against national and PCO (Primary Care Organisation) comparators.

The service consists of the following reports:

Practice Detailed Prescribing Information (PDPI)

PDPI enables the user to select what data is reported. The user is given the following choices:

  • Choose one or more months from up to 24 months of data 
  • Choose a report for a single prescriber, all prescribers or the whole practice 
  • Choose a BNF chapter or all chapters 
  • Choose a level of the BNF at which to report, from Total BNF down to the level of quantity prescribed per presentation 
  • Choose whether to report all prescribing for the practice or just items prescribed and dispensed by the practice 
  • Choose the type of report required - with a detailed listing of costs and items or a summary report comparing the practices prescribing with the same period last year and with the local PCO (Primary Care Organisation)
  • Choose ordering by prescriber or BNF.

Prescribing Analysis Report

 The Prescribing Analysis Report contains an analysis of the prescribing which has taken place for the practice during the report period. It is produced automatically at a monthly and quarterly level.

The report shows the total level of prescribing, a breakdown of prescribing in the 6 highest cost BNF Therapeutic Groups, the top 20 leading cost drugs in the practice and the top 40 BNF Sections by cost in the practice.

The practice prescribing is also compared with last year's level and with the PCO (Primary Care Organisation) and National levels.

Prescribing Monitoring Document (PMD)

The Prescribing Monitoring Document provides financial information about prescribing costs against budgets. It shows the cost of prescribing, to enable you to manage the drugs element of your unified budgets. The report also includes charts and comparative analysis.

NHS Prescription Services updates the information contained in the above reports on a monthly basis and can be viewed, downloaded and printed using your PC.