Student Forms




Which form should I use?

BOSS forms

All students should complete the following through their Bursary Online Support System (BOSS) account:

  • Disabled Students Allowances application
  • Dependants Allowance application
  • Change of address
  • Change of relationship status
  • Change of bank details
  • Change of personal circumstances
  • Change in childcare costs/provider (if the change is a new provider, please also ask your old provider to complete a Childcare reconciliation form and return that to us with your student coversheet and relevant childcare receipts)

Non-BOSS forms

Please complete online and then print or email (as instructed) the digital PDF forms (which can be found further down this page) for any of the following:

  • Childcare Allowance application
  • Childcare Reconciliation
  • Practice Placement Expenses (PPE) claim
  • Self declaration relating to income and expenses
  • Request for temporary DSAs support

You can only apply for Childcare Allowance if you have firstly applied for Dependants Allowance through BOSS. In the Dependants Allowance section of your main bursary application on BOSS you will be asked questions about your dependent child/children and then asked if you would like to apply for Childcare Allowance.

If you answer 'yes', this section in BOSS will only require details about your childcare provider/s.

You will then need to print off and complete a Childcare Allowance application form from the table below after you have submitted your BOSS forms to give us more details about your childcare costs etc.

The completed form must be signed by you and your childcare provider/s before you post it to us.

What should I include with my form?

All forms that need to be posted to us (and any other correspondence including supporting evidence) must be sent with your student coversheet included or there will be delays in the assessment/processing of them.

You can print this from the 'Documents' section of your BOSS account.

Where should I post my form to?

Childcare Allowance and self declaration forms

Completed and signed forms should be sent to:

NHS Student Bursaries
Ridgway House
Northgate Close
BL6 6PQ   

Childcare Reconciliation forms

Completed and signed forms should be sent to:

NHS Student Bursaries
PO Box 2253
BL6 9HX  

PPE claims

You should submit completed and signed forms to your university for authorisation.

Your university will then send them to us to be scanned ready for processing.

It is your responsibility to provide a student coversheet to your university with each PPE claim. Any PPE claims that we receive without a student coversheet will be returned to the university which can cause major delays in the processing and payment of your PPE claim. It is really simple to include a coversheet - just log onto your BOSS account from any computer, go to the 'Documents' section at the bottom right of your homepage and print off the file called 'Student Coversheet'.

How do I download a form?

All of our forms can be completed online then printed off to post to us. In order to view these forms, please download Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

If you incur childcare costs and wish to apply for Childcare Allowance please download the form below.

Childcare Allowance application form

If you have been awarded Childcare Allowance, we reconcile your childcare costs quarterly. You must complete and send us this correct form/s below, along with your student coversheet, by the deadline, when we contact you.


Childcare reconciliation form Quarter 2 (28 November 2016 - 26 February 2017)

Childcare reconciliation form Quarter 1 (29 August 2016 - 27 November 2016)


Childcare reconciliation form Quarter 4 (30 May 2016 - 28 August 2016)

You may be able to get help with your travel and accommodation costs whilst on a practice placement. Please make sure you read our guidance notes before making a claim.

Practice Placement Expenses (Travel and Accommodation) claim form 2016/17

Guide to completing your PPE claim form

If your university is unable to provide the Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs) support you require and you have submitted a formal appeal to them, we may be able to offer temporary support to you whilst your appeal is being decided by your university.

Request for temporary DSAs support

If your parents' or spouse/partner's income has dropped by 15% or more compared to the previous tax year your bursary may be reassessed.

Current Income Assessment form (PSM1 CI)

You need to use the form below if you do not have a P60 or a week 52 payslip.

Confirmation of Pay form (PSM60)

You need to use the form below if you are paying into a personal pension plan (not a company pension scheme). Please note tax relief must be quoted.

Confirmation of Personal (Private) Pension Contributions Paid form (PSM90)

The Declaration of Self Assessment Income Form (PSM65) is no longer accepted as a valid confirmation of self-assessed income. If you need to confirm your income from self-assessment, please provide the most recent of the following documents:

•  personal tax calculation/computation statement from HMRC
•  self-assessment tax return
•  statement of accounts
•  accountant’s letter