Student Booklets




Your guide to NHS Student Bursaries

We understand that there is a lot of information to take in when you apply for your first NHS Bursary.

Please read the student booklet below which is relevant to the academic year you will be applying for. It contains an overview of what you should know before, during and after you apply for an NHS Bursary.

Your guide to NHS Student Bursaries 2016/17

We have taken great care to ensure that the information in these booklets is correct at the time of publication. They are not intended to override or replace any of the NHS Bursary Scheme Rules as set out by the Department of Health.

Step by step instructions to completing your application

We have put together a step by step guide for students who are completing a bursary application through the Bursary Online Support System (BOSS). The guide explains how to create a BOSS account, exactly what each question on BOSS is asking you for and provides some examples of the answers you need to input.

The guide also has detailed guidance notes about what you should be aware of and check before you make your bursary application and do’s and don’ts to consider when filling in the form. At the end you will find information about submitting yours and another person’s supporting evidence, our assessment timescales and an overview of how and when NHS Bursaries are paid.

Have it open at the same time as your BOSS application and jump to the section you need, when you need it.

Completing your NHS Bursary application - A step by step guide to the Bursary Online Support System (BOSS)

Financial help for healthcare students

Detailed guidance on all aspects of NHS Bursary support can be found in the Financial Help for Healthcare Students booklet. We are currently reviewing our documents and will be publishing an updated version soon so please check back later.

This booklet is updated annually from information released by the Department of Health. It contains useful information for all existing and prospective NHS students.

Help with childcare costs for NHS Bursary students

Students who are in receipt of, or who will be applying for, an NHS Bursary can also apply for further financial help if they have to pay for registered childcare whilst they are attending their course. The allowance is intended as an additional means of help towards childcare costs but it will not normally cover all of your costs.

This booklet provides a detailed overview of the Childcare Allowance, including how the allowance is calculated, the rates and how to apply.

Help with childcare costs for NHS Bursary students 2016/17

Completing your Practice Placement Expenses (PPE) claim form

Please click on the link below to read step by step instructions on what answers you need to provide (and supporting evidence, if required) when you are completing a PPE claim form for travel and/or accommodation expenses occurred whilst on a practice placement.

A step by step guide to completing your PPE claim form

Guide to Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs)

Our booklet below gives an overview of the different elements of the DSAs that students could be entitled to, the rates and how to apply.

An NHS Bursary student's guide to Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs) 2016/17