NHS Lone Worker Protection Service

The NHS Lone Worker Protection Service offers an all-encompassing protection solution to NHS lone working staff. It provides lone workers with a device or mobile application which they can activate discreetly when faced with a potentially violent or threatening situation, to call for help from their organisation or the emergency services.

The solution is delivered through as a framework contract, so it can be accessed by NHS health bodies without undertaking a separate procurement. A range of different safety systems and functionalities are available to cater for varying levels of lone worker activity.

The NHS Lone Worker Protection Service is provided by NHS Protect. We work closely with the NHS to safeguard lone workers and provide guidance, advice and contract management assistance to subscribing organisations to ensure they get the highest quality of protection and service for their lone workers.

The NHS Lone Worker Service was a winner in the National Personal Safety Awards 2010. Run by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, the awards celebrate the work being done across the UK to keep people safe from violence and aggression, and recognise best practice in the field across all sectors. NHS Protect won in the Safer Workplace category, as the employer which has done the most to improve personal safety awareness among staff.

Lone worker estate mapping exercise - Final report

NHS Protect carried out a survey in early 2015 to obtain a complete picture of the different types of lone worker protection systems available in the NHS. This will assist decisions on future work in this area. This document provides an overview of the purpose and methodology of the survey and presents its findings and conclusions.

Lone worker estate mapping exercise - Final report (PDF)

The framework contract

Originally awarded in 2009, the framework contract to provide NHS lone worker protection services was renewed in April 2013. Both the current and previous versions of the contract are in use within the NHS. In this section you can find more details on the current framework, details on the old framework are available here

Reliance Protect Reliance Protect is the BS8484 accredited provider under the framework agreement. They have gone through a competitive tendering process to provide the service. Here you can find a number of documents relating to the framework agreement.
Additional information on the current framework contract is available in our press release and in Reliance Protect’s press release, both issued when the current contract was awarded in April 2013.

Current framework (2013)

Contract award notice (2013)
This document provides information for NHS bodies who wish to procure, or have procured, lone worker services through the 2009 framework agreement.

Lone working framework agreement (2013)
This is the framework contract which defines the agreement between the supplier and NHS Protect

Lone working framework model contract (2013)
This document illustrates how the lone worker solution works, and explains key roles and processes.

Lone working framework schedules (2013)
These are the framework schedules which detail the structure and processes of the service


NHS Protect has produced a range of guidance for lone workers, managers of lone working staff and Local Security Management Specialists (LSMSs) in NHS health bodies. The guidance is designed to reflect the good practice that is in use throughout the NHS and other organisations to protect lone workers or staff who sometimes work alone. It will also be of interest to risk managers, health and safety managers and human resource departments providing support to those who work alone on behalf of, but not exclusively for the NHS.

A guide for the better protection of lone workers in the NHS
This document provides guidance and best practices on lone working for LSMSs, managers and lone workers

Developing a policy for the protection of lone workers
This document provides LSMSs with guidance and a model template for developing a lone working policy

Lone working framework service guidance (2013)
This document provides guidance on procuring lone worker services through the current framework.

Lone worker protection service FAQs (2013)
This document answers frequently asked questions on the current framework.

NHS Lone worker protection service user guide
This guide booklet explains best practices in lone working protection for line managers and lone workers.

Please note: the Developing a policy for the protection of lone workers policy guidance was authored by NHS Protect’s predecessor organisation the NHS Security Management Service. While the contents of the guidance are still valid, some of the terminology used may be out of date.

Hard copies of the user guide are available to NHS organisations free of charge on the Health and Social Care Publications Orderline

Other resources

Useful guidance for lone workers and for managers of lone working staff is also available in two guides produced by the Partnership for Occupational Safety and Health in Healthcare (POSHH) in conjunction with the then NHS Security Management Service.

Improving safety for lone workers: A guide for lone workers (PDF)

Improving safety for lone workers: A guide for managers (PDF)

The Health and Safety Executive also has guidance for lone workers, which is relevant to employers and employees in all sectors.

Working alone: Health and safety guidance on the risks of lone working (PDF)