Temporary Injury Allowance

This Scheme applies only to employees who sustain an injury or contract a disease before the 31 March 2013. Further details can be found here.

Temporary Injury Allowance is paid by employers to staff on authorised absence with reduced pay or no pay because of an injury or disease wholly or mainly attributable to their employment. TIA tops up the employee’s income to 85% of the average they were getting before their pay was reduced as a result of the injury or disease. It is not payable if the employees income is more than 85% of their average pay, and it stops when they return to work or leave employment. TIA is subject to income tax and National Insurance deductions but not pension contribution deductions.

To qualify for TIA, an employee covered by the Scheme must be on leave of absence and be suffering a reduction in their NHS pensionable pay as a result of an injury or disease that is wholly or mainly attributable to their actual NHS duties.

Applications for TIA should be made by the employee to their line manager or to the personnel department.

Entitlement to TIA is decided by the claimant’s NHS employer. However, where employers require assistance or advice in order to reach a decision, they can approach  NHS Pensions for help.