HC11 Leaflet - Help with Health Costs - information guides




Most NHS treatment is free, but there are normally charges for:

  • NHS prescriptions (free to residents in Scotland and Wales)
  • NHS dental treatment 
  • sight tests 
  • glasses and contact lenses 
  • necessary costs of travel to receive NHS treatment
  • NHS wigs and fabric supports, i.e. spinal or abdominal supports or surgical brassieres supplied through a hospital (free to residents in Scotland and Wales). You should check with your hospital for their arrangements for supplying NHS wigs.

Help with health costs guides

The help with health costs guides give you more information on the different ways you can get financial help.

Have a look at the guide for the country you live in.

Information on NHS charging arrangements

If you are resident in:

Information on current charges and help towards glasses and contact lenses

If you are resident in: