GP Locum Forms

If you qualify for GP locum Scheme membership and wish to pension your income, please:

  1. Obtain forms GP Locum A and B for normal GP Practice locum work or forms GP Locum C and D for when you are deputising for an OOHs GP
  2. Read the notes for forms GP locum A and C and complete them carefully
  3. Send the form GP Locum A or C to the GP, GP Practice(s), or OOHP you did NHS work on behalf of, for certification with your invoice at the end of each month. You will need one form each time you are paid
  4. When your certified form GP Locum A and/or C is returned, read the notes for completing forms GP Locum B and/or D and complete them carefully
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for each month's invoice(s) for payment
  6. At the end of each calendar month, close down that month's form GP Locum B and/or D and send them with your cheque for NHS Scheme pension contributions and a completed form GP Locum A and/or C for each payment declared on form GP Locum B and/or D to your host PCT/LHB. Your forms and cheque should reach your host PCT/LHB no later than the 7th day of the month following the end of the month covered by the forms GP Locum B and/or D
  7. This guidance also applies to mainstream GPs who pension their locum work as well as freelance GP locums.

Please note:

If you are a qualified GP 'pensioning' GP locum work for the first time, you cannot ‘pension’ GP locum work that is more than 10 weeks old.

Obtaining forms GP Locum A and B, and/or C and D

Supplies of forms GP Locum A & B and/or C & D are available from this website (see the ‘pdf’ links below) or your host PCT/LHB. They can get copies from the NHS Pension Distribution Centre by telephoning 08701 555 455. You can telephone yourself and order your own supplies.

  • - certificate of GMS/PMS NHS work and pay for one NHSPS GP Practice
  • - monthly record of all GMS/PMS locum pay and related pension contributions

If you have any problems using the information and facilities on this page, please contact the NHS Pensions.