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2015 Scheme

On 1 April 2015 a new NHS Pension Scheme was introduced which covers all transitioning and new NHS employees. Some members are entitled to remain in the 1995 or 2008 Sections until retirement through the Scheme’s Protection arrangements. The content of this website is being updated in stages to reflect these changes. More information about the 2015 Scheme arrangements can be found here.


In this section you will find a series of calculators to help you work out the levels of payments and benefits associated with your NHS pension.

The figures produced by these calculators will depend entirely on the figures you put into them, so you need to be careful about their accuracy if you are to get meaningful results. Precise amounts for your pension can only be worked out when confirmed pay and membership details are available at retirement.


  • Standard Pension Calculator shows what members of the 1995 Section only can expect to receive in pension and lump sum when they retire. If you are subject to the pensionable Earnings Cap for any membership prior to 1 April 2008, do not use this calculator. If you would like to request an estimate, please refer to the Requesting an Estimate section of the Member’s Hub.


  • Pension Commutation Calculator shows, for members of the 1995 and 2008 Section, what they will receive if they choose to give up (or 'commute') some of their pension in return for a  lump sum on retirement. If you are subject to the pensionable Earnings Cap for any membership prior to 1 April 2008, please do not use the standard pension calculator. If you would like to model pension commutation amounts using the pension commutation calculator, you should only input benefit figures provided by NHS Pensions.


  • Early retirement calculator shows what members can expect if they claim their pension benefits earlier than their Normal Pension Age. You will need to access your Total Reward/Annual Benefit Statement to use this calculator. Please note: this calculator will not provide 1995 Section benefits for members aged between 50 and 55. You may also find the early retirement calculator guidance useful.    


  • Additional Pension Calculator is for members of the 1995/2008 Scheme and the 2015 Scheme who are considering paying higher contributions in order to increase their pension when they retire. It shows how much different levels of increase will cost. Please note: Special Class members can't pay instalments to their Normal Pension Age of 55. 


  • Opt out calculator 2016/17  If you are thinking of opting out of the Scheme use this calculator to illustrate the impact of your take home pay.


Annual Allowance calculators

IMPORTANT NOTE: NHS Pensions does not accept any responsibility or liability for any outputs from this estimator tool being used to assess a member’s liability to the Annual Allowance Charge.

NHS Pensions is unable to provide advice on personal tax circumstances. It is recommended that independent advice is sought if there is any uncertainty about tax implications.

More detailed information about Annual Allowance can be found on HMRC’s website at:

Please note these calculators are not suitable for Practitioner calculations.


1. Pensionable pay will normally need to be estimated as at 31 March in any one year and as at 31 March in the following year for input into the start and end of the pension input period.

2. The user will need to estimate pensionable service in years and days at the start and end of the pension input period:

For example, for a full time member, their pensionable service at the start of the pension input period is 14 years and at the end of the pension input period it is 15 years, as they have accrued an additional 1 year’s service.


Please click here for the Annual Allowance calculators