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The NHS Pension Scheme has been a cornerstone of the NHS reward package since its creation in 1948. It is the largest centrally administered public sector pension scheme in Europe and currently has 1.4 million actively contributing members, 550,000 members with deferred benefits, and it pays pension benefits to over 750,000 pensioners every month.

The Scheme is an unfunded occupational Scheme backed by the Exchequer. It is open to employees from the NHS and other approved organisations. Whilst the Scheme remains the subject of significant modernisation it continues to allow NHS staff and NHS approved staff to save effectively for their retirement.

There are two NHS Pension Schemes:

 The 1995 and 2008 Sections

Both Sections closed on 31 March 2015 except for members entitled to continue  membership in either Section through ‘Protection’ arrangements.  Both Sections provide defined benefit pensions based on final salary, or career average pay for GPs, General Dental Practitioners, and Ophthalmic Medical Practitioners.


 The 2015 Scheme

This Scheme opened on 1 April 2015 and is for all new members and members without ‘Protection’ who moved to the 2015 Scheme on 1 April 2015.  This Scheme provides defined benefit pensions based on career pay for all members.


Our Aim
We work closely with NHS and other approved employers who are responsible for local administration of the Scheme. The NHS Pensions Charter specifies our key performance targets. These are reviewed monthly and we continue to maintain excellent service performance.

NHS Pensions aims to provide a prompt, efficient and helpful service to all members of the NHS Pension Scheme.

We aim to:

  • Pay pensions accurately and on time
  • Treat you as an individual with dignity and respect
  • Listen to what you say
  • Be fair, helpful and easy to talk to
  • Give clear reasoning and explanation when necessary
  • Keep what you say to us confidential
  • Tell you exactly what you need to do and what information we need.

You can help us by:

  • Giving your surname, initials and National Insurance number (or Pension Scheme number if known) when you contact us
  • Giving us full and accurate information when we request it
  • Treating our staff courteously
  • Informing us if you change your address. (You can do this through the contact us page)
  • Regularly looking on our website for up to date information.