Current Employer Newsletters 2017

NHS Pensions issues a monthly newsletter to employers. This newsletter contains important information about the administration of the NHS Pension Scheme. The newsletter is sent by email to the contacts we hold in our database. It is important that you keep your contact details up to date. You can update these through Pensions Online (POL) or by emailing

If you are an Independent Financial Advisor or would like additional email addresses to be added to the distribution list, please send the details to 

Please note that the March and April Employer Newsletters will only be available via email as we are moving to a new website. These Newsletters will be sent as usual to the contacts we hold in our database as per the above information.

1. Auto enrolment reminder

2. Year end submissions - data errors

3. Non Pensions Online users

4. Non ESR and non Pensions Online (POL) year end submissions

5. Maximum membership and age in the 1995 and 2008 Sections

6. Individual Protection 2014 - reminder

7. Equitable Life Money Purchase Additional Voluntary Contributions (MPAVCs) - Change of bank details

8. GP retirements

9. Free estimate clarification

10. Non calculation of Annual Benefit Statement in 2016

11. Added Years information for transitioned members only - Annual Benefits Statement (ABS) via the TRS Portal

12. Secondment without Retention of Employment

13. 2017-18 NHS Pension Scheme contributions estimate

14. NHS Pension Scheme Administration levy from April 2017

15. Digitisation priorities for 2017

16. Annual Pay Award

17. Have you viewed our new videos?

18. The new look NHS Pensions website is on its way

19. Most viewed Ask Us articles

20. Pensions Online downtime

1. 2017-18 NHS Pension Scheme contributions estimate

2. Year end 2017 updates for non Pensions Online (POL)/Electronic Staff Record (ESR) users

3. Reminder - Disclosure of Senior Managers' Remuneration (Greenbury) 2017

4. Most viewed Ask Us articles

5. Pensions Online downtime