Your NHS Pension Choice

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This exercise was completed for the majority of eligible members at the end of March 2012 after Choice Packs were proactively provided to members by NHS Pensions and a deadline for them to make a Choice to move to the 2008 or not passed. However, there are a small number of members * with particular circumstances who still have the opportunity to make their Choice. This site provides information to support them.

A further exercise to provide certain members of the scheme with an ability to reconsider making a Choice to move to the 2008 section is currently under development as part of the introdution of the new NHS Pension Scheme in 2015. Further information about this will be communicated to members shortly.

*Members still eligible for Choice Exercise



What is Your NHS Pensions Choice?

Your NHS Pension Choice is an exercise to give all eligible members of the NHS Pension Scheme a one-off option to transfer all of their membership from the 1995 Section into the 2008 Section if they wish.

Eligible members will each receive a Choice Pack which includes an Explanatory Booklet, a Choice Statement (showing a comparison of benefits in the 1995 and 2008 Section) and a DVD.

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