Drug Tariff Part IXR Chemical Reagents Declaration Form: Service Provision

Following the results of the Department of Health consultation “Arrangements for the Provision of Dressings & Chemical Reagents to Primary Care”, manufacturers of certain chemical reagents are required to provide notification in writing of their continued commitment to maintain free services to support the use of their reagent products.

The Department of Health stated that Ministers had taken the decision to implement a staged reduction of up to 15% to the April 2006 Drug Tariff reimbursement prices for some blood glucose detection strips.  A reduction of 12% was applied to the reimbursement prices for some chemical reagents on 1 October 2006.

The staged approach was recognition on the Department’s behalf of observations about the desirability of maintaining the number of free services offered by manufacturers in support of patient use of products.  These free services include the supply of educational material, meters and the provision of helplines and should continue to be provided in the same quantities and the same quality as they were provided prior to the consultation. 

The additional 3% will not be applied to the products of a manufacturer as long as that manufacturer is in a position to maintain the services it currently offers in support of the patient use of its products.  However, the Department has indicated that it is open to representations about the withdrawal of particular services.

Representation regarding the withdrawal of services must be made to the Pharmaceutical Services Manager at NHS Prescription Services at least six weeks before the self-declaration date.

The self-declaration form is intended to be the most practical approach administratively and the fairest in terms of our openness to listen to future representations.

Failure to provide the self-declaration form or a change to the level of service provided without prior agreement by the Department of Health will result in a further price reduction being applied from the first of the month in which the services were to have been provided.

Following feedback from suppliers this has now changed from a quarterly to an annual requirement.  The CRSDF01 form allows manufacturers to confirm service provision until 31 March 2018 and should be received by the NHS Business Services Authority by 28 February 2017.

The next form covering 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019 will be due by 28 February 2018. This will be available on this website from early 2018.