Volume and cost of prescribing charts

Number of items declared by pharmacy contractors in England

At the end of each calendar month, pharmacy contractors send the prescriptions they have dispensed in that month to NHS Prescription Services so that we can calculate their reimbursement and remuneration.  They also send a submission document declaring how many prescription items are included in their account that month.  The prescriptions they send will include items from different groups of prescribers such as GPs, dentists, nurse prescribers as well as from hospital FP10(HP) forms.  Because this information is available in advance of the account being processed and is based on pharmacy declarations, it can provide a useful indicator of trends in prescription volume before the actual processing data becomes available. NB When the prescriptions have been processed the charts are updated in the following month to reflect the actual figures.

Chart showing the number of items declared each month.

Number and cost of items prescribed on NHS prescriptions in England

At the end of each month information is transferred to our information systems.  One of these systems, ePACT.net, is used to provide information about prescribing on NHS prescriptions in England. The data includes all NHS prescribing which has been dispensed in the community, excluding items prescribed by dentists. From April 2015, items prescribed by hospitals on FP10HP forms is included in this data.

Chart showing ePACT.net data for the number of items prescribed on NHS prescriptions.

Chart showing ePACT.net data for the net ingredient cost of items prescribed on NHS prescriptions.

Explanation of terms

Number of items refers to each item prescribed; for example, there may be multiple
items on one prescription form. 

Net ingredient cost refers to the cost of the drug before discounts and does not include any dispensing costs or fees.  It does not include income obtained from the patient for prescription charges paid at the time the prescription is dispensed or where the patient has purchased a prepayment certificate.