eMC In-Demand

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers require an accurate, fast, free and reliable method of transmitting changes to products and pricing data. This is vital to ensure that the product details and pricing of your product range is accurately reflected on the NHS Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (dm+d).

eMC In-Demand is an easy to use website  that allows your organisation to electronically transmit changes to your product range and pricing to us. We use the information submitted to maintain your company's product information on the dm+d. This allows new information to be delivered rapidly into clinical systems and available for prescribing at the very earliest opportunity.

You can quickly and easily register your interest by emailing servicedesk@medicines.org.uk. Datapharm Ltd will provide you with the necessary documents to sign up and get started. Upon receipt of a signed agreement Datapharm will issue you with a username and password enabling your company to use eMC In-Demand and submit changes to your products and their prices electronically.

For technical assistance with submissions via eMC In-Demand or for further information on registering for eMC In-Demand, contact the eMC In-Demand Support Team via email nhsbsa.indemandppdsupport@nhs.net or telephone: 0191 203 5289.

For further information on dm+d please visit http://www.dmd.nhs.uk/