Local Payments Application

Local Payments Application

09:00 - 17:00 Monday - Friday excluding Bank Holidays.

If you encounter problems logging into the system, or if you have forgotten your password, please contact Information Services on 0191 203 5050

Access to Local Payments Application

Status: Available

Local Payments Application CHANGES

The link for the LAP system above will change on Monday 16th March. So please be aware in case you have saved any shortcuts directly to the application as the current link will be disabled and a new one put in its place.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.



From the 02 May 2014 the Local Payments Application has been enhanced.

You are able to view accounts that do not have a levy indicator.

Please view examples in the Levies section under the heading Application Help to your left.

Warning: – User ID Security
Please be aware that passwords should not be shared and only named users should log into the Local Payments Application to enter payment values.

We are unable to accept requests to change/reset passwords from anyone other than the named user.

Please ensure that when logging out of Local Payments you use the "log out" button and do not just close the browser window.

Failure to do this might cause issues when trying to log back into the system.

Please do not attempt to enter data in more than one local payments application session or window on your PC at one time - this will cause data errors.

To use the Local Payments Application please see the Application help opposite.

The help has been reviewed in relation to the new pharmacy contractual arrangements from April 2005 prescriptions, there are some new and some updated sections.

If you are having any difficulties please contact Information Services on 0191 203 5050.