Drug Tariff Part IX Advanced Services

Declaration for Advanced Services

In line with the current arrangements for reimbursement of products in Part IX and remuneration, dispensing appliance contractors (DACs) and pharmacy contractors may choose to provide either one or both of the following advanced services:

  • Stoma appliance customisation
  • Appliance use reviews

DACs and pharmacy contractors wishing to provide either one or both Advanced Services must make an initial, one-off declaration to NHS Prescription Services stating their intentions.

To declare your intentions, please submit the Advanced Services declaration form to NHS Prescription Services.

Completed applications must be with NHS Prescription Services no later than the last day of the month prior to the month in which the services are intended to be provided.

A DAC or pharmacy contractor who wishes to offer the Advanced Services of stoma customisation and/or AURs will also need to notify the relevant Area Team of their intention to provide advanced services.

If a DAC or pharmacy contractor wishes to withdraw stoma customisation, three months' notice must be given to both NHS Prescription Services and the relevant Area Team of their intention to do so.

Advanced Services requirements are set out in The Pharmaceutical Services (Advanced Services) (Appliances) (England) Directions 2009 in Part VIE of the Drug Tariff.