Dispensing Practice Name and Address

The Dispensing Practice Name and Address report is accessed through the Information Services Portal via the Guest Log In.

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Report Information

Dispensing Practice Name and Address is a monthly report available from May 2014 (which includes data from June 13 to May 14)  and from February 2015 will be updated each month to include 24 rolling months.


A dispensing practice is defined as a practice with at least one active dispensing GP.

The information NHS Prescription Services hold on practices is supplied to Prescription Services by Primary Care Organisations (PCOs), which include CCGs, Local Authorities, provider organisations and Commissioning Hubs (prior to November 2014).

What is included in Dispensing Practice Name and Address report

Practice Name, Practice Address, Total GP's within the Practice and number of Dispensing GP's within the practice

Application Help

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