Information Page

NHS Student Bursaries have improved the invite process for continuing students who are reapplying for their bursary ready for Autumn 2013.

Please note that guidance and deadlines for new students who are applying for a bursary for Autumn 2013 is available to read here.

We will be sending invites out to continuing students in the categories outlined in the table below on a staggered basis to allow you to apply at the optimum time for you. These categories have been based on the bursary you are currently receiving for this academic year (2012/13). If your circumstances have changed you should follow the advice contained in your invite letter.

For students who fall into the first four categories (and will receive their invite letters in February and March), the majority of changes will be linked to the need to now declare income for the previous financial year (for yourself, or a parent, spouse or partner) or related to childcare allowance. For these cases, the revised deadline in your letter will be Tuesday 28 May 2013.

Please see the table below to identify the category that you fall into and when you can therefore expect to receive your invitation to reapply.

Applying by the deadline given will ensure you have your bursary payments in place for the start of your new academic year.

Please remember that all continuing BOSS students should use their current BOSS log in details to reapply and MUST NOT create a brand new BOSS account.

Please note the process below is for continuing students only; NOT new starters.


Students should apply or reapply for an NHS student bursary through the link below.

Please note: The Payment Schedule page on your BOSS application shows the date the payment will be credited to your account, and payments are usually made on Fridays.

BOSS students who wish to apply for additional allowances or to notify us of a change in circumstances, should do so through their existing BOSS account.

Hard copy application form/s should only be used to claim Childcare Allowance or Practice Placement Expenses.

Students who are non-BOSS applicants (finishing before September 2013) can download the forms they need or request them by clicking on the link below.