Bursary Calculators


What are the calculators for?

In this section you will find three separate Bursary Calculators which are designed to assist you as follows:

• Personal Eligibility Calculator – This is to help you determine if you will be eligible for an NHS Bursary.

• Student Status Calculator – This is to help you determine if you will be classed as dependent (on your parents) or independent (on your spouse, partner or civil partner, if applicable) when calculating your entitlement to a basic award.

Award Estimate Calculator – This is to help you obtain an estimate of your potential Basic Award, Extra Weeks, Dependants Allowance and Parent Learning Allowance entitlement for the 2016/17 academic year. It cannot be used to estimate what amount of Childcare Allowance you may be entitled to.

The information/advice produced by any of these calculators will depend entirely on the figures you put into them, so you must be careful about accuracy if you are to get meaningful results.

Please ensure you do not use any commas when entering your figures as this will result in inaccurate estimates being produced e.g. you should enter £30,000 as 30000.

What could I be entitled to?

• Case Studies – These show the amount of NHS Bursary entitlement which is awarded in different scenerios.

When will I know exactly what I am entitled to?

The precise amount of NHS Bursary that is payable to you can only be worked out when you make an application and send us all of your supporting evidence which will then be formally assessed by our team.

You are advised not to make any financial commitments based on the bursary calculators or rely on current NHS Bursary Scheme Rules when planning for subsequent academic years, as these may be subject to review in the future and as a result may be liable to change.

We cannot accept any responsibility for any loss incurred (including but not limited to financial loss) by any person who has relied on current rules when planning for their current or future academic years of study.

How do I make an NHS Bursary application?

Once you have used the relevant calculators, if you wish to proceed with making a bursary application, please create a BOSS account by clicking on the link below.

My BOSS account