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Important guidance for new students (including when to apply and application deadlines) is available on our New Students page.

Important guidance for continuing students (including when to apply and application deadlines) is available on our Continuing Students page.

Scanning dates

We are currently scanning onto our system documents received on 22 March. We are posting back to students documents received on 22 March.

We are scanning in PPE (Practice Placement Expenses) claim forms received with a student coversheet on 22 March.

We are scanning in Childcare reconciliation forms that we received with a student coversheet on 24 March.

It can take up to one working day for documents to be linked to your BOSS account and become visible to us after we have scanned them.

Delays in scanning your documents, returning your documents to you and in assessing your applications/claims can happen if:

• you do not provide your student coversheet with the documents you post to us
• you do not include a self addressed return envelope with the correct amount of postage paid on it
• the post arrives damaged (this can happen if your envelope is not large enough or sealed appropriately)
• you do not pay the appropriate amount of postage to send your documents to us
• you do not send your documents to the correct address

How will I know my application has been assessed?











Our Customer Charter provides the full details of timescales for assessment and payment.

A summary of the main areas is provided below.

Bursary applications
We aim to assess your bursary application within 25 working days of receiving all your supporting evidence or within 35 working days if you did not meet your application window deadline. (See the tables on the New Students and Continuing Students pages for more information about deadlines.)

Dependants Allowance and Childcare Allowance
We aim to assess these applications within 25 working days if you apply separately, at a later date, from your bursary application. If you apply at the same time, all applications will be assessed within 25 or 35 working days, as explained above.

Childcare receipts
We aim to reconcile your childcare costs by the end of the following reconciliation period.

Change in circumstances
We aim to process these and update your account within 25 working days.

Practice Placement Expenses (PPE) claims
We aim to pay PPE claims within 30 working days following receipt of a validated claim from a university.

Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)
We aim to pay these allowances within 20 working days of receiving the application and all requested supporting evidence.

We aim to process and return your documents to you within 15 working days.

In this section you will find: