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Am I a new student?


We refer to you as a new student if you are entering the first year of your NHS funded course or, for medical and dental students, your first eligible year for NHS funding. As a new student you will be required to demonstrate your eligibility for funding and provide evidence of your identity.

If you are not going into your first year of an NHS funded course/bursary funding and have already provided this evidence and information you will be classed as a continuing student.

What should I do before I create a Bursary Online Support System (BOSS) account?

1. Check whether you are eligible to apply for a bursary and what your personal status will be classed as (independent or dependent on your parent/spouse/partner’s income).

2. Check what your bursary entitlement may be by using our Award Estimate Calculator.

3. Read the guidance booklets and watch the guidance video which are available to help you ensure you apply for an NHS Bursary correctly.

Application process for new students

If you are a new student and would like to apply for an NHS Bursary please read the guidance contained in the links above. We do not send out personal invites to students to apply for a bursary. You should read the information contained in 'When can I apply?' below to ensure you apply at the right time for when your course starts.   

What should I know before I apply for my NHS Bursary?

You must apply within your application window (see tables below) in order to have payments set up ready for the start of your academic year. If you miss your deadline, your payments will be delayed. In all cases, we must receive your bursary application, which includes all supporting evidence, within six months of the first date of your academic year. Any back payments you are due will be made to you on the next available payment run after your application has been approved. 

When can I apply?

Availability of NHS Bursaries in 2016/17 onwards

All new students should check the tables below for when to submit applications and all requested supporting evidence.

If you meet your application window deadline you will have your application assessed and your first NHS Bursary payment released to your bank account within 10 working days after we receive and process the notification from your university that you have enrolled on your course and attended your first day.

Once your application is approved, your bursary entitlement for the forthcoming academic year will be available to view in the Payment Schedule of your BOSS account.

If you do miss your application window deadline or you are a student who goes through the clearing process, we will assess your application as quickly as possible (within 35 working days) but there may be a delay to your payments. Any back payments that you are owed will be made on the next available payment run so your overall annual bursary entitlement will not be affected. You must still make your application, and we must receive all your supporting evidence, before the six month deadline though (see above).

If you are starting a non-medical/dental course on or after 1 August 2017 that remains NHS funded, please see your application window below. Click here for further guidance regarding which new students are eligible to apply for NHS Bursaries on or after 1 August 2017.

How do I create a BOSS account and make a bursary application?

Guidance on how to create your own BOSS account and submit an application can be found on our web page 'My Account - BOSS (Bursary Online Support System)'.

How do I apply for Additional Allowances?

Information about additional allowances is available at:

My Account - BOSS (Bursary Online Support System)

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