Continuing Students





Am I a continuing student?






We refer to you as a continuing student if you have previously been in receipt of an NHS Bursary for your current course and you are reapplying for a subsequent year. As a continuing student you will have already demonstrated your eligibility for funding and supplied evidence of your identity.

If you have not received NHS funding in your current or previous academic year or have not supplied evidence of your identity or demonstrated your eligibility to NHS funding, you will be classed as a new student.

What should I know before I reapply for my bursary?

You must apply within your application window (see tables below) in order to receive continuous NHS Bursary payments as you go into your next academic year. If you miss your deadline, your payments will be delayed. In all cases, we must receive your bursary application, which includes all supporting evidence, within six months of the first date of your academic year. Any back payments you are due will be made to you on the next available payment run after your application has been approved. 

When can I reapply for my bursary?

All continuing students will receive an email asking them to apply for an NHS Bursary for their next academic year (see the tables below for the dates these are sent). 

Invites are always sent by email with a letter attached. You should make sure you regularly check your spam/junk folder in case your email provider puts the email from us there and also check your email settings to ensure you allow attachments in emails to be sent through to your Inbox rather than straight to spam/junk. We send invitations from to the contact details we have for you, so don’t forget to update your details in your BOSS account if they change.

Please pay particular attention to when your application window deadline is each academic year and apply in plenty of time.

If you complete the online BOSS forms and send in all of your supporting evidence (along with your student coversheet) by the deadline given, you will have your bursary payments in place for the start of your new academic year, if not before, which means you will receive a continuing bursary payment each month. Remember, we cannot begin to assess your entitlement until we have received all of your supporting evidence.

Please remember that all continuing students should use their current BOSS log in details to reapply and must not create a brand new BOSS account.

Apply for your NHS Bursary through BOSS

Do I have to reapply for my NHS Bursary every year?

Yes. All students have to reapply for their bursary every academic year as payments do not continue automatically.

Where can I find help and guidance?

Guidance booklets (including a step by step guide to answering the questions on BOSS) and a guidance video for students are available to give you an overview of the information you need to know before, during and after you apply for an NHS Bursary.

How do I apply for Additional Allowances?

Information about additional allowances is available at:

My Account - BOSS (Bursary Online Support System)

Student Forms