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Clinical Services employs a team of experienced and calibrated dentists to monitor and advise on quality within the General and Personal Dental Services through a risk-based monitoring system. The clinical staff consists of the Head of Policy, 1 Senior Orthodontic Adviser, 1 Senior Clinical Adviser (SCA) and 11 Clinical Advisers (CAs).

Clinical Adviser reports - outcomes 2009/10

Reviewing the provision of topical fluoride treatment to children

Part of the role of NHS Dental Services is to monitor the data we collect and take appropriate actions where necessary to enable an assurance about the quality and probity of treatments provided under NHS arrangements.

We are currently reviewing the provision of topical fluoride treatment to children and have asked a number of providers to complete a questionnaire.

If you have received a letter from us please follow the link below to complete the questionnaire entering the username and password that was sent.


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