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NHS Protect calls for consistent lone worker protection after survey highlights gaps

06 July 2015

As NHS workers become more mobile and provide more services out in the community, NHS Protect has completed a comprehensive survey of lone worker protection across the NHS in England, and found wide variance in provision by employers.

Fraudster must pay back £74K to top London cancer hospital

16 June 2015

A criminal who received stolen NHS cancer care money has been ordered to pay back over £74,000 to the Royal Marsden Hospital, following a confiscation order brought by NHS Protect (Southwark Crown Court, June 11th 2015).

NHS Protect recovers over £2 million defrauded by Sussex finance chief

27 March 2015

Today at Blackfriars Crown Court, London, Judge Blacksell confiscated £2,161,758.45 from a convicted fraudster, which must be paid in compensation to the NHS. It is the largest amount NHS Protect has ever recovered under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.