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Convicted fraudster Conrad de Souza pleads guilty on first day of his second NHS fraud trial

06 December 2016

Conrad de Souza, a convicted fraudster who held top jobs in the NHS for nine years using invented qualifications, has been caught trying the same tricks after coming out of jail.

Court orders Basildon fraud conspirators to pay £650,000 after NHS Protect investigations

25 November 2016

A criminal group who were jailed for defrauding the NHS have been ordered by a court to hand over their assets or face more time behind bars, after NHS Protect mounted an investigation to recover the money

Four countries tackle UK health service fraud together

14 November 2016

NHS Protect also collaborates closely with its counterparts in Scotland (NHS Scotland Counter Fraud Services) and Northern Ireland (Counter Fraud Services, Business Services Organisation, Health and Social Care Northern Ireland) to tackle fraud