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Birmingham NHS worker jailed for £287K qualification fraud

26 May 2016

A man who lied about crucial medical qualifications to work as a cardiac physiologist has been jailed, after an investigation supported by NHS Protect.

Mr and Mrs Money face jail again if they don’t hand over assets to NHS

17 May 2016

A couple who were jailed last year for (respectively) defrauding and laundering hundreds of thousands of pounds from the NHS have been ordered by a judge to hand over their remaining assets to the NHS (Woolwich Crown Court, Friday 13th May 2016).

Sentenced – the Solihull NHS doctor who stole £16K by working while sick

12 May 2016

A doctor who claimed sick pay from the NHS while working for a private company has been sentenced at Warwick Crown Court, West Midlands (11th May 2016), after an investigation supported by NHS Protect.