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What we do

NHS Protect delivers a service focused on the protection of NHS resources from crime.

We deliver anti-crime work that cannot be carried out by NHS health bodies regionally or in isolation. We use intelligence to identify serious and complex economic crime, reduce the impact of crime and drive improvements in anti-crime work.

Local NHS organisations are primarily accountable for dealing with crime risks in the NHS. A network of Local Counter Fraud Specialists (LCFSs) takes forward anti-fraud, bribery and corruption work for providers of NHS services and NHS commissioners; they are typically accountable to the organisation’s Director of Finance. We provide information and guidance to this NHS counter fraud community to improve anti-fraud, bribery and corruption work across the NHS.

Creation of the NHS Counter Fraud Authority

Work is under way to create a new special health authority dedicated to tackling fraud, bribery and corruption within the health service. The NHS Counter Fraud Authority (NHSCFA) began in shadow form in April 2017 and it will be established as an independent special health authority in autumn 2017.

The new organisation will be created using the existing professional resources and staff from NHS Protect.

The NHSCFA will not have a remit for security management work. NHS Protect’s security management functions are currently being decommissioned as part of the transition leading to the creation of the NHSCFA.

Facts and figures

Here are some facts and figures about NHS Protect’s work:

  • we received over 5,000 reports relating to potential fraud and corruption in 2015-16
  • as of 31 March 2016 we were investigating allegations of fraud with a value over £25 million
  • over 80 criminal sanctions were obtained by NHS Protect and LCFSs in cases of fraud, bribery and corruption in 2015-16

You can read more about our most recent cases in the NHS Protect news section.

For more information about our achievements so far please see our past annual reports, which are available on the Corporate publications page.