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Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for Dental contracts


The COVID-19 Triage Form is now available for selection from the Online forms menu within Compass

This will appear as an additional option from the drop down menu. Guidance on how to create and submit the Online Triage form can be found by visiting our Dental activity processing page and selecting Compass Online form guidance.

Information, guidance and FAQs to support providers, performers and practice staff with changes for coronavirus (COVID-19).

Dental contracts in England

Coronavirus Workforce Data Collection form - England only

The NHS’s response to coronavirus is not yet over and practices should continue to follow government, public health, and NHS England and NHS Improvement guidance. 

The monthly retrospective workforce return, which we have been asked to implement and collect on behalf of NHS England and NHS Improvement, provides information to NHS England and NHS Improvement regional teams and local commissioners about the status of the dental practice workforce during the pandemic. 

The expectation is that this form is completed while NHS dental providers continue to receive ongoing monthly contractual payments and move to full recovery and restoration of dental services.

Log in to Compass to complete the new Workforce Data Collection Form, or read our help resources:

COVID-19 Workforce Data Collection Form common errors (PDF: 201KB)COVID-19 Workforce Data Collection Form guidance (PDF: 741KB)COVID-19 Workforce Data Collection Form FAQs (PDF: 122KB)COVID-19 Workforce Data Collection Form WTE calculation tool v15.0 (Excel: 1.1MB)COVID-19 Workforce data Collection Form WTE calculation tool - April to September 2021 (Excel: 722KB)

Coronavirus triage form - England only

We've been working with dental system suppliers to allow coronavirus triage forms to be transmitted directly from your practice management system (PMS).

The Compass changes are due to be live on 1 December 2020 and we'll be able to accept coronavirus triage submissions from PMS systems from this date.

If the PMS supplier software you currently use for transmitting your dental submissions has not yet provided their triage update for you, continue to use the Compass eForm.

For contracts not using PMS software, continue to use the Compass eForm for triage submissions.

Further information on these changes and the impact of these changes is available in our updated guidance and FAQ documents:

COVID-19 Triage Form guidance v5.0 (PDF: 1.4MB) COVID-19 Triage Form FAQs for Mandatory Services v5.1 (PDF: 175KB) COVID-19 Triage Form FAQs for Orthodontic Services v2.1 (PDF: 172KB)

Coronavirus pay concerns declaration 2021 year-end - England only   

The expectation from NHS England and NHS Improvement during the coronavirus pandemic is that practice owners are required to make sure that all staff, including associates, non-clinical and others, continue to be paid at previous levels prior to the pandemic.

From Monday 1 March a new pay concerns 2021 year-end form will be launched on behalf of NHS England and NHS Improvement.

You should complete the new survey if you meet this criteria:

  1. You’re a member of a dental team
  2. You’ve raised pay concerns with your provider
  3. Your pay concerns haven’t been resolved after speaking to your provider

This information is being collected by us on behalf of NHS England and NHS Improvement. Information collected from this new survey may be used as part of the contract reviews being undertaken for 2021 year-end which could result in identifiable data being shared with the contract owner.

Pay concerns 2021 year-end form for Compass users

If you hold a Compass account, log in to Compass to complete the pay concerns year-end 2021 form:

  1. Select 'COVID-19' on the Compass front screen
  2. Select 'COVID-19 Performer Pay Concerns 2021 year-end'
  3. Select 'Start New Form'

Pay concerns 2021 year-end form for non-Compass users

If you do not hold a Compass account, complete our online survey.

Handling your data

Read our privacy statement in conjunction with the coronavirus pay concerns form (word: 238KB) to understand how your data will be handled.

Coronavirus PPE reimbursement – England only

The guidance on claiming reimbursement for PPE published on 17 December 2020 by The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) recognised that “not all settings undertaking NHS services received PPE from central supplies when they needed it” and as such, there may be additional cost pressures where dental providers have been required to purchase coronavirus PPE.

As the cost pressures of these additional PPE purchases may not have been alleviated by the receipt of their full contractual payment each month, DHSC is offering providers the opportunity to make a claim for re-imbursement. 

We'll administer these payments via Compass, on behalf of DHSC. Pre-payment checks will be performed by the ourselves, Commissioning Support Unit (CSU) and DHSC. 

Log in to Compass to complete your claim or read our help resources:

PPE re-imbursement guidance for Dental Contract Providers (PDF: 227KB)​​​​​​COVID-19 related PPE Re-imbursement FAQ's (PDF: 185KB)

Dental contracts in Wales

Latest information on the coronavirus de-escalation produced by Welsh Government:Restoration of Dental Services (NHS) In Wales September 2020 (PDF: 184KB)