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COVID-19 Information on GP Forms

​Please find below an update regarding the GP SOLO and freelance GP locum forms and some easements that have been introduced as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  

The GP SOLO form

The 2020/21 SOLO form is now available on the ‘Member Hub’ section of our website within the ‘Information for Practitioner. Locum, & non-GP’.  A copy of the form can be found here.

Freelance GP locums Forms, the ’10 week window’, and validating Form A 

The 2020/21 freelance GP locum Forms A and B can also be found on our website located in the ‘Information for Practitioner. Locum, & non-GP’ webpage, using the same link as above.

Although the forms and guidance state that GP locum work that is more than 10 weeks old cannot be ‘pensioned’ this rule is being temporarily removed during the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to give GP locums more time to complete their forms. The removal of the ’10 week window’ takes effect from 1 April 2020 until further notice. This means that, for example, a freelance GP locum can declare work performed in April 2020 on their August 2020 Form B subject to the Form A being validated at the time. NHS England/PCSE and Local Health Boards in Wales have been made aware of this.    

In addition, during the current pandemic there is no need for the commissioning Practice to enter the ‘Practice stamp’ at Part 2 of Form A so long as the name of the Practice is entered and the form is signed and dated. A digital/electronic signature is acceptable.

With effect from 1 April 2020 where a freelance GP locum has overpaid their monthly NHS Pension Scheme contributions they will not be reimbursed if the amount is less than £1.00. Similarly if they have underpaid an amount of less than £1.00 they will not be required to pay the shortfall.  

GPs returning to NHS employment  

You can also find guidance on our website regarding easements to the suspension and abatement rules where a person (including a GP) has retired, is in receipt of their NHS pension, and has been asked to return to work. You can access the guidance and a Q&A for employees.