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COVID-19 uplift to pharmacy contractors’ payment on 1 July

On behalf of DHSC we can announce that, to further mitigate cash flow issues that contractors are facing due to coronavirus (COVID-19), a total uplift of £20 million across all contractors will be made to contractors’ advance payments on 1 July.

The calculation of the uplift for an individual pharmacy contractor is equal to the percentage uplift when £20 million is added to the total of May’s advance payments (calculated as per usual arrangement). Based on this formula the uplift for each contractor came out at 2.82% on top of their May advance payment.*

Pharmacy contractors should note that this uplift will not show on their schedule of payment, but the NHSBSA will be sending a letter to each contractor outlining their uplift.

This uplift, similarly to the £350 million uplift made in previous months, is not additional funding over and above what was agreed for 2020/21 under the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework 5-year deal. The uplift will be reconciled in 2020/21. However, the mechanism and the time period over which reconciliation will take place has not yet been agreed with the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC).

 *different arrangements will apply for pharmacies opening in June. Pharmacies that closed in June will not receive this uplift.