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Report NHS fraud

NHS Protect - Crimestoppers awareness (lightbulb)

If you have any suspicions or concerns about fraud in the NHS, please report them to NHS Protect using the details below.

Fraud against the NHS means that money intended for patient care ends up in the pockets of criminals. It means that fewer resources are available to be spent on frontline health services. By reporting NHS fraud, you can help us to protect valuable NHS resources and bring those responsible to justice. Don't worry if you don't have all the facts, just tell us what you know.

Call the Fraud and Corruption Reporting Line

To report any suspicions or concerns about fraud in the NHS, you can call us anonymously on:

0800 028 40 60

This free, 24-hour phone line is operated by Crimestoppers. You can use it to report suspected fraud, bribery or corruption affecting the Department of Health and its arm’s-length bodies as well as the NHS.

Report online

You can also use our online fraud reporting tool.

Report NHS fraud online