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About the programme

The dental contact reform programme now works with over 100 NHS dental practices to test a new way of providing NHS dental services. The aim is to transform services and bring prevention to the heart of every NHS dental practice.

The programme includes a financial system that focuses on two contractual measures:

  • capitation (to increase focus on disease prevention)
  • non-capitated activity (for any necessary clinical treatment)

These should provide the incentives to make sure practices continue to attract patients and deliver the clinical pathway within the limits their contract will allow. 

For the first time the contract allows practices to exchange non-capitated activity for seeing additional patients, to help deliver their overall contract.

Read more about the exchange mechanism (PDF: 359KB).

Dental practice participation in the programme

We’ve invited NHS dental practices to join the programme in phases.
Each phase aims to:
  • increase overall learning
  • practice for any future rollout

Support and resources are available to practices, including: 

  • webinars
  • one-to-one calls
  • factsheets

You can find these resources on our website.

If you're about to join our programme read our guide on becoming a prototype practice - what to do and when (PDF: 264KB). This guide will help you to prepare to implement the new contract prototype model.