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Provider news round-up

These newsletters give you, as a prototype practice, a summary of important information which needs attention or action, as well as news and information on the prototype system.

It's important that you read all communications that are sent from the dental contract reform programme team.

You can download the latest 6 editions of the newsletter:

Provider news issue 35 - September 2019 (PDF: 470KB)

Provider news issue 34 - July 2019 (PDF: 463KB)

Provider news issue 33 - April 2019 (PDF: 79KB)

Provider news issue 32 - March 2019 (PDF: 28KB)

Provider news issue 31 - February 2019 (PDF: 260KB)

Provider news issue 30 - January 2019 (PDF: 298KB)

Previous editions are available on request by emailing:

DCR news

DCR news is the quarterly newsletter that keeps you, as part of the dental community, up to date with the work of the Dental Contract Reform programme.

DCR news issue 11 (PDF: 272KB)

DCR news issue 10 (PDF: 202KB)

DCR news issue 9 (PDF: 377KB)

DCR news issue 8 (PDF: 397KB)

DCR news issue 7 (PDF: 397KB)

DCR news issue 6 (PDF: 272KB)

DCR news issue 5 (PDF: 37KB)