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28 Day Re-Attendance Activity Reviews

This review focuses on high rates of patient re-attendance within 28 days. While there may be reasons for some short durations between courses of treatments we wanted to understand why some provider had such high rates.

For each exercise all providers  are made aware of their 28 Day Re-Attendance (28DR) rate and those providers with the highest rates are asked to supply a sample of patient records to enable us to verify the claims.

What the review aims to achieve:  

  • Get a better understanding of high rates of 28DR claiming and the reasons for these
  • Raise awareness of the potential risks around 28DR claiming
  • Enable providers to review and if necessary correct their claiming procedures
  • Provide an assurance that inappropriate claims are identified

Where inappropriate claiming is identified financial recovery and refunds of patient charges will be sought

How do I know what my 28DR rate is?

We issue quarterly reports via Compass to all providers that illustrate the national, regional and contractual rates of 28DR claiming. The reports also show quarterly changes in rates at contractor and performer level. These are provided to help you monitor your 28DR rates and identify is any action may be required.

28DR quarterly report - example