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Self audit

The Dental Activity Review (DAR) team carry out reviews on FP17 claim submissions. 

After we’ve reviewed a sample of claims, we’ll share the results of these with providers. Providers then have the opportunity to agree or disagree with the findings.

We might ask providers to carry out a self-audit of any claims that were not included in our reviews. Providers should be able to use any knowledge they’ve gained from our reviews to help review their remaining claims.

Self-audit is carried out using following several steps:

  • we send review outcomes and self-audit review data to the provider
  • the provider reviews the findings and conducts a self-audit of the remaining claims. 
  • the provider returns their findings to the DAR team for further review
  • we review the providers findings and highlight any claims that need more attention from the provider
  • the provider confirms final submission for the DAR review panel.

If differences are found in the original claims made, we'll work collaboratively with the provider to resolve this. This may result in money being recovered back to NHS England, and refunds to patients.

The DAR team will present the findings of the self-audit process at a clinically led, formal review panel. 

We recommend carrying out a self-audit with a secure ‘’ email address.

You can register for an email address if you don't have one already. 

We offer an encryption service for non '' addresses if needed.