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Discretionary support scheme

Once you're a member of the scheme there is a range of support you may be able to access.

Financial support

Find out about the discretionary support scheme.

Enhancements to the payments made through the England Infected Blood Support Scheme (EIBSS) were announced in April 2019. Beneficiaries should have received an enhancements to payments letter (PDF: 210KB) or contacted by phone or email. 

If your medical condition changes

Guidance is also available on applying for:

Special Category Mechanism - if you have hepatitis C stage 1

Hepatitis C stage 2 support

Free prescriptions

If you're an infected beneficiary of the scheme, you can apply for a prescription prepayment certificate (PPC). The scheme can fund your PPC. This will allow you to save money by getting free prescriptions.

To apply, you cannot use the online service, you'll need to complete an EIBSS PPC application form (PDF: 141KB) and send it by post to: FREEPOST EIBSS.

If you currently have a PPC funded through the scheme, we will automatically renew this for you each year.

Counselling and advice


A discretionary payment of up to £900 is available towards counselling costs for a beneficiary, and their families. This is in response to beneficiary feedback about the difficulties they have faced when seeking counselling. 

To request this discretionary payment, complete the counselling discretionary payment application form (PDF: 153KB). We need a registered counsellor to confirm the cost and the number of sessions you require.

You can still access your GP or local NHS services if you require support with your mental or physical health.

Alternatively, if you want to seek private support we have removed the need for GP approval to access this discretionary payment.

Use these links for help finding a locally registered counsellor:

If you’re under the care of a specialist, the treatment centre you attend may be able to refer you to services in your area.


For financial advice, look a the National Debt Help website or the Citizens Advice website. 

For other advice, contact us so that we can signpost or refer beneficiaries.