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Coronavirus (COVID-19) contingency planning for employers

This page sets out the contingency measures and easements we've introduced to support employers at this time.

Other pages on our website include:

Information on the NHS and Social Care Coronavirus Life Assurance (England) Scheme 2020Guidance on support for retired members returning to work or increasing their commitmentsInformation on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) and guidance on furlough earningsGuidance where employees have a temporary reduction in hours


We'll accept forms by email when other methods are no longer available. 

Send your forms to

Supporting evidence

Scanned images of original supporting documents such as marriage certificates or birth certificates will be accepted by email. 

Send your supporting evidence to

You must confirm that you have verified the scanned certificate in the main body of your email and the reason why. 

Wet signatures

Where employers and members are unable to provide a wet signature, the forms received by email will not be rejected.

You must confirm a wet signature could not be obtained in the main body of your email and the reason why. 

Terminating the record

The 'leaver spreadsheet' will only be accepted by email when submitting an application form.

We'll only accept one member per spreadsheet. You can include the annual update to 31 March 2020 on one line and termination details from 1 April 2020 on another line.

No National Insurance earnings are required for the annual update.

GP Solo Forms and freelance GP Locum Forms

You can view information about the GP SOLO and freelance GP Locum Forms for 2020/21 on our dedicated Practitioner webpage.

Some easements have been introduced as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, including changes to the 10 week window for submitting the freelance GP Locum Forms.

Where a witness signature on the SOLO form or GP Locum form A cannot be obtained some other verification is acceptable. For example, an organisation stamp or verify that the member is entitled to their claim in the main body of your email. 

Ill-health acceptance notifications where post may not be opened

We'll continue to send the ill-health notification letters by post. We'll also send an email to the main EA contact email address that's held on our database, where an ill health application has been accepted.

Deferred retirements

If members have applied to retire but would now like to defer their retirement, employers should email the details to and include ‘Deferred Retirement’ in the email subject .

Our team will prioritise this and cancel applications for retirement. Members will need to make new applications at a future date once they wish to retire.

Pensions Online (POL)

Pensions Online (POL) continues to be available for employers to update and amend members' pension records and POL continues to be monitored during this time.

To make sure we can continue to prioritise the delivery of this service, we have taken the decision to close the Pension Online Helpline (POLHD) at this time. Any calls should be made to the Employer Helpline.

If you need a password reset, email

Late payment charges

Late payment and interest charges will be reviewed if you're encountering administrative problems in submitting your payments within the due date.

Air Mail

Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, Royal Mail may not be able to send communications by Air Mail if you live abroad. You can see if this affects your country of residence on Royal Mail’s website.

This will not defer any pension payments being made and you will receive written communication when available transport links resume.