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ePACT2 is now live and the roll out to users has begun.

The benefits of ePACT2

ePACT2 has more functionality available to users than the original ePACT system, including the ability to:

  • interrogate prescription data in ways not been possible before
  • easily create data visualisation using interactive reports and dashboards
  • look at high level data summaries down to individual prescription item detail
  • schedule queries to be pre-run so the results are available when the user opens a dashboard
  • export the data from reports and dashboards
  • add an alert to trigger workflows based on specific events
  • access to whole country data
  • view patterns of prescribing at patient level

ePACT2 provides easy-to-use analysis, reports and dashboards. Users no longer need an N3 connection as you can access the system with just an internet connection.

Access ePACT2


Initially, a small number of users will be given access to ePACT2 within each organisation. Our plan is for all users of the current ePACT system to be migrated across to the ePACT2 system by Autumn 2017.

Certain elements of ePACT and ePACT2 will not be comparable. This is because ePACT2 has been enhanced to provide an improved data set.

View our guide to the difference between ePACT and ePACT2.



It’s important for us to receive user feedback to help us improve the system and services we provide. You can give us feedback by emailing us:


ePACT User Agreement (EUA)

ePACT2 contains data down to a single prescription. Users with access to this level of data must be aware that confidential data can’t be shared outside of their organisation. Therefore we’ll be asking all users to read and agree to the ePACT2 User Agreement as part of the registration process.

ePACT2 user agreement


ePACT2 Privacy Impact Assessment Summary

ePACT2 Privacy Impact Assessment Summary

Training and support

To make sure the transition from ePACT to ePACT2 goes well, we have produced ‘How to’ guides. Online training is also available.

We're running a series of training events over the next few months.


Training sessions

Training sessions will last a full day and will include hands on experience of:

  • how to access and navigate the system
  • creating basic analysis
  • adding additional views to an analysis
  • creating and saving filters

Training materials
ePACT2 training guide (DOC 1.48MB)

Videos (YouTube)

Guide to the differences between ePACT and ePACT2

Online Oracle Training Academy

Oracle Training Academy is available within ePACT2. It offers tutorials on analyse data and create dashboards.

To access the academy, just log into the system and then click on “Academy”.

In the academy you can:

  • take a tour
  • explore your data
  • view reports in dashboards and analyses

WebEx sessions

WebEx sessions will be available for users who can’t attend a training sessions.

The sessions will last about two hours.

Find out how to register for a WebEx session.

Dashboard Specifications

This will help users understand how each dashboard and each set of analysis was designed. It will take into account:

  • the methodology used
  • any assumptions made during the process

Our aim is to have a specification available for each dashboard.

Medicines Optimisation Polypharmacy Prescribing Comparators

Potential generic savings

As additional dashboards are developed, further specifications will be added. These will include:

  • Antimicrobial Stewardship Dashboard
  • Volume & Costs Dashboard

ePACT2 videos

Our YouTube video tutorials will help you navigate the system, run analyses and create filters:

Data Dictionary – explaining the fields held in the system

Contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.