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Childhood Vaccines

The Department of Health immunisation program plays a vital role in the prevention of many serious childhood illnesses including Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Whopping Cough, Meningitis and MMR.

The inventory of vaccines used is operated alongside Immform, an online ordering solution, to collect data on vaccine uptake, collect data incidence of influenza and influenza-like-illness and to provide vaccine ordering facilities for the NHS.

The program requires a cost effective and fit for purpose logistics service for the storage, ordering and distribution of vaccines to hospitals, GP surgeries, health centres, and other locations throughout the UK.

The service is provided through a third party contractor with the Supplier Management team working alongside the Department of Health to deliver the governance and operational management in line with:

  • Supplier Commercial Agreement
  • UK Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency license guidelines
  • Industry recognised Good Distribution Practices (GDP)

This ensure that:

  • Medicinal products are stored and distributed safely and securely and under appropriate ambient conditions
  • Storage conditions are monitored at all times
  • Contamination from other products is avoided
  • Movement and disposal of stock is correctly audited

The Immform ordering and inventory management system supports 8,500 GP surgeries and over 19,000 users in total. For more information visit