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Pharmacy sales - prescription prepayment certificates

We have improved this service

You can now email digital certificates to customers who provide their email address. They will receive their certificate straight away, instead of having to wait for a plastic card. This will also save the NHS money.

We have created a new flowchart to help explain this (PDF: 63KB)

Pharmacists registered to sell PPCs can do so from here. We also offer guidance on selling PPCs and registering your pharmacy.

You can sell PPCs to customers for:

  • £29.10 for 3 months
  • £104 for 12 months

 Log in to pharmacy sales

Register your pharmacy to sell PPCs

If you are not registered to sell PPCs, use our pharmacy registration form.

Guidance on selling a PPC

Newly registered pharmacists

If you're a newly registered user, you can view our guide to selling a PPC.

Dispensing prescriptions

You should ask customers for prepayment details as part of the terms of service.

If they do not have them, tick 'Evidence not seen' on the prescription. Do not charge them.

We prevent fraud by matching prepayment details on our database with prescriptions.

Free prescriptions eligibility

Check whether the customer can get free prescriptions before making a sale. Remember people 60 or over get free prescriptions.

Prepayment start dates

Prepayment starts on the date they buy at the pharmacy unless they ask for a different start date.

A start date can be up to one month in the future or the past.

Refund of prescription charges

Patients may pay a prescription charge before backdating their prescription prepayment.

They cannot get a refund unless they get an NHS refund form (FP57) at the time.

Prescription prepayment refunds

A partial refund may be available if a patient starts to qualify for free prescriptions.

For more about refunds, including the time limit for claiming, read our advice.