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Patient questionnaires

Each year the NHSBSA surveys a random sample of patients asking them to complete a brief questionnaire.  The typical volume for these questionnaires is around 350,000 across England and Wales.

The questionnaire seeks to establish:

  • that the patient exists
  • that the patient attended the dentist on the dates reported
  • that treatment appropriate to the band claimed was provided
  • that the patient paid an appropriate charge and understands the charge bands
  • overall levels of satisfaction with NHS treatment received

Patient questionnaire examples

To following questionnaire versions are sent to patients who have received general dental treatment:

The following questionnaire versions are sent to patients who have recently started orthodontic treatment:

Report on patient questionnaire activity

We provide reports, produced quarterly, that give an overview of patient questionnaire activity at health body level. Anonymised versions of these reports are shown below for information.

We do not collect any additional information that patients may choose to send in; if any such information is received with the questionnaire it is disposed of securely.


    If a patient wishes to provide any comments in addition to the questions in our survey or wishes to complain about the service or treatment they received, we advise them to contact their dental practice in the first instance. Alternatively for England they can contact NHS England, details can be found at and for Wales they can contact their Local LHB, details can be found on the Health of Wales Information Service website