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Family and your pension

In the event of your death the NHS Pension Scheme may provide for your family or a person you have nominated.

Read the Survivors Guide before applying for a dependant's pension.


You can nominate someone to receive an adult dependant's pension and lump sum on death benefit if you die.  You can also cancel or change a previous nomination.

How to apply

Read the guidance attached to each form before completing and sending to us.          

Lump sum on death benefit (DB1) –nomination for membership that ended before 1 April 2008.

Lump sum on death benefit nomination (DB2) – nomination for membership that started or continued from 1 April 2008.

Partner nomination (PN1) – Non registered civil partner / married partner nomination.

Existing nomination cancellation (NOM1) – Cancelling an existing nomination.



If you are in good health you can choose to allocate (give up) part of your own pension to provide a bigger pension for any dependant on your death. This can be to a spouse, civil partner, qualifying partner, or child. The nomination must be made before you retire and you cannot reverse this decision once made.

Read the Allocation factsheet for more information.


Survivor benefits

The following factsheets explain some of the benefits that are payable from the NHS Pension Scheme:


1995 Section - Life assurance and family benefits

1995 Section - Death on re-employment

2008 Section - Life assurance and family benefits

How to apply

Before making an application please read the Survivors Guide. If you need to make a claim, download and complete the relevant form, using the guidance within the form to help you.

Claim for payment of children's pension (AW158). There are two versions of the AW158 form. The correct form to use depends on when pensionable Scheme membership ends:

Form to claim death benefits for a deferred member (AW9P) Please note: an adult dependant's pension may not always be payable and we cannot pay a lump sum on death benefit until we receive confirmation of the late member’s personal representative.

A surviving partner should also provide payment details by completing a claim for adult dependant's pensions, children's pensions and allocated pensions (G60)

Claim for a lump sum on death in respect of a Pension Credit (AW11PC). Please note: we cannot pay a lump sum on death benefit until we receive confirmation of the late Pension Credit member’s personal representative.