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New dental patient charges poster - correction

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has confirmed that dental patient charge posters that display the new charges unfortunately contain an incorrect figure for band 3 treatment.  

The posters indicate that the charge for a band 3 treatment is £282.30. The correct cost for a band 3 treatment from the 14th December is £282.80.  

The issue only affects the posters. The leaflets contain the correct figure.  

The error was discovered after the posters and leaflets were sent out. DHSC will send replacement posters with the correct figure as soon as possible.  

DHSC has apologised for the inconvenience, and asks if you can please correct the band 3 patient charge figure by hand so it can be displayed pending the arrival of the corrected posters.  

If you have not received your leaflets and correct posters by Monday 11 January, please contact 0300 123 1002.  

As well as the posters and leaflets being sent in hard copy, a digital copy of the leaflet is available on the NHSBSA website. Dental practices may find it useful to direct patients to these online resources and please use the digital posters on any digital information displays present within the practice if helpful.