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Bursary forms

There are some forms that you can’t complete in BOSS. These need to be completed, printed off and posted to us with your student coversheet.

Childcare Allowance and reconciliation

Childcare Allowance

If you have childcare costs during term time, you can apply for the NHS bursary Childcare Allowance. This form needs to be countersigned by your childcare provider.Childcare Allowance application form (PDF: 575KB)

Reconciling your childcare costs

If you've been awarded Childcare Allowance, we reconcile your childcare costs quarterly.

Please complete and send us the correct form and any evidence together with your student coversheet to:

NHS Student Bursaries


PO Box 2253





Childcare reconciliation form Quarter 1 (2 September to 1 December 2019) (PDF: 243KB)

Childcare reconciliation form Quarter 2 (2 December 2019 to 1 March 2020 (PDF: 249KB)


Childcare reconciliation form Quarter 4 (3 June to 1 September 2019) (PDF: 325KB)Childcare reconciliation form Quarter 3 (25 February 2019 to 2 June 2019) (PDF: 252KB)Childcare reconciliation for Quarter 2 (3 December 2018 to 24 February 2019) (PDF: 310KB)Childcare reconciliation form Quarter 1 (3 September 2018 to 2 December 2018) (PDF: 325KB)


Practice Placement Expenses (PPE)

NHS bursary students may claim reimbursement towards the travel and accommodation costs they incur when attending a practice placement. You should refer to the guide before completing the claim form.Practice Placement Expenses (PPE) claim form (PDF: 611KB)Guide to completing your PPE claim form (PDF: 821KB)

Temporary Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs)

Your university is expected to provide support for identified needs through reasonable adjustments. However, if they are unable to provide the support you require and you have submitted a formal appeal to them, we may be able to offer temporary support to you through the DSAs whilst your appeal is being decided by your university.

If you want to apply for the DSAs, you should do so via your BOSS account.Request for temporary DSAs support (PDF: 110KB)

Income, pay and pension forms

Current Income Assessment (means-tested bursary)

If your parents' or spouse/partner's income has reduced by 15% or more compared to the previous tax year your bursary may be reassessed.Current income assessment form (PSM1 CI) (PDF: 148KB)

Confirmation of pay (means-tested bursary / Dependants Allowances)

You need to complete the confirmation of pay form if you don’t have a P60 or a week 52 payslip.Confirmation of pay form (PSM60) (PDF: 210KB)

Confirmation of Personal (Private) Pension Contribution (means-tested bursary)

If expenses have been declared on your BOSS application from a personal/private pension and you are not able to provide evidence of this, you can ask the pension provider to complete this form instead. 

Pension payments must attract tax relief, otherwise we are unable to include them in your bursary assessment.Confirmation of personal (private) pension contributions paid (PSM90) (PDF: 206KB)

Self-employment income

If you are asked to provide recent evidence of income from self-employment, we will accept any of the following documents:

•  personal tax calculation/computation statement from HMRC
•  self-assessment tax return
•  statement of accounts
•  accountant’s letter