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When you'll get your bursary

Find out how we process your application and when you’ll get your bursary payments.

After you have submitted your application and supporting information, we aim to respond to your application within 25 working days.

When you’ll get your bursary

New NHS Bursary students (Transitional Arrangements):

Your bursary payment will go into your bank account details within 10 working days after we have received notification from your university that you have enrolled on your course and attended your first day.

 Continuing NHS Bursary students:

Payments will continue each year provided you have met the application deadlines. Payments are made into your bank account monthly on the third Friday of each month.

Applications submitted after the deadline

If you miss your application window deadline, we'll assess your application as quickly as possible (within 35 working days) but there may be a delay to your payments.

Any back payments that you’re owed will be made on the next available payment run so your overall annual bursary entitlement will not be affected.

We must receive your bursary application, including all your supporting information, within nine months of the first date of your academic year.

View your payments

You'll be able to have a look at your bursary entitlement and payment dates for the academic year in the Payment Section of your BOSS account.

Timescales for processing your NHS Bursary

Bursary applications

We aim to assess your bursary application within:

  • 25 working days of receiving all your supporting evidence if you met the application deadline
  • 35 working days if you did not meet your application window deadline.

Dependants Allowance and Childcare Allowance

We aim to assess these applications within:

  • 25 working days if you apply separately, at a later date, from your bursary application.
  • 25-35 working days if you apply at the same time as your application

Childcare Allowance Reconciliation

If you have been awarded a Childcare Allowance we will reconcile your childcare costs quarterly. You will need to complete and return the correct form(s) together with your coversheet and any supporting evidence by the deadline you are given.

You will be contacted by a member of the team regarding reconciliation.

Change in circumstances

We aim to process these and update your account within 25 working days.

Practice Placement Expenses (PPE) claims

We aim to pay PPE claims within 30 working days following receipt of a validated claim from a university.

Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)

We aim to pay these allowances within 20 working days of receiving the application and all requested supporting evidence