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Scorpio Price Benchmarking

In partnership with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust we have developed a price bench marking system known as Scorpio.

Scorpio relies on individual Trusts providing us with purchase order data which we then use to compare prices between NHS Supply Chain and other sources, whether directly from suppliers or via distributors. Scorpio also allows us to compare prices between Trusts to identify potential saving opportunities through collaborative procurement.

The information we gather is used to deliver greater value for the NHS by working with NHS Supply Chain to improve price competitiveness.The data supplied to us will remain confidential and will not be shared with NHS Supply Chain.

The data may also be used for performance reporting to the Department of Health and the NHS Business Services Authority Board but will not be used for any other purposes.

Benefits for NHS Trusts

In return for sharing purchase order data we can provide price bench marking reports to help Trusts make and justify sourcing decisions. Reports can be tailored to meet customers needs but we also supply the following standard reports:

Top 25 savings opportunities by switching to NHS Supply Chain (sample report)

Top 25 products where Trust price is lower than NHS Supply Chain (sample report)

Cross Trust comparison report (available on request to regional collaborative organisations and member Trusts).

How do I become a Scorpio user

To become a Scorpio user please email and provide your name, email address and phone number. You will then receive a return email with your login details and a message asking you to:

  • Provide a data extract from your Purchase Order (PO) system in Excel format (download an example data extract to see how this should be presented).
  • Provide the Trust IP address (download the Supplying Data Guide for more information).

A user login will be provided and the PO data extract is uploaded to the NHSBSA secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site and imported into Scorpio for processing. Scorpio compares a number of data fields to match products and provide visibility of prices paid, regardless of the route to market.

We provide reports to Trusts via a web portal which requires a separate user login to access. In return for providing data on a monthly basis we can provide reports to Trusts each month.

Providing price information

Please use the NHS Supply Chain Supplier Price Information Form to provide product detail and pricing where your trust is able to purchase products at a more competitive price than through NHS Supply Chain.

We will use this information for price comparison purposes and it will not be shared with any third party, supplier or contractor. Email the completed form to