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NHS Supplier Board

The NHS Supplier Board is facilitated by the NHS Business Services Authority and is an open forum for constructive and proactive discussion between the Department of Health, NHS Supply Chain and Industry or Trade Associations.

The Supplier Board aims to share visions and best practice which will determine future ways of working to deliver benefits to the NHS. At each Supplier Board meeting, the members work through topics regarding; the Supplier Board plan, NHS Supply Chain strategic activity, Department of Health Policy and challenges faced by Supplier Board members.

Update for suppliers

On 8 January 2018 the Department of Health announced which suppliers had been awarded contracts for the new Capital and Non-Medical Towers as part of the Future Operating Model for NHS Procurement.

Information about these contracts and who they have been awarded to is available on the Future Operating Model page on the NHS Supply Chain website:

Current membership of the NHS Supplier Board

Upcoming meetings

15 March 2018 | 14 June 2018 | 13 September 2018 | 12 December 2018

Meetings reports

The meeting reports from the last 12 months are available to download:

October 2016 | January 2017 | April 2017 | September 2017 | 14 December 2017

If you wish to contact the NHS Supplier Board please email